Fire Protection Services

Canberra Fire Protection are experts in Fire Protection in the Australian Capital Territory and offer the following services.

Fire Sprinkler Systems


Fire sprinkler installations are becoming an increasingly popular way of managing risk to buildings - in excess of 120 million are fitted each year - and with good reason. Buildings using sprinklers as part of their fire protection systems have been found to experience just 10% of the costly damage suffered by buildings without an automatic sprinkler system and relying purely on the Fire Brigade to reach them in time.

As one of the leading fire protection companies in the ACT, we supply and maintain a wide range of safety equipment, including fire alarms and detection devices, dry risers, hose reels and fire sprinklers. The modern fire sprinkler system is an advanced, reliable and unobtrusive part of any building into which it is fitted; often they will go all but unnoticed until they are required.

Fire Detection, Occupant Warning & EWIS


Over recent years, technical advances in equipment design, coupled with ever changing legislation has meant that whereas previously a fire alarm system merely formed one element of an electrical installation carried out by the general electrician, it has now become the remit of the specialist installer.

We can carry out the entire installation ready for commissioning. Commissioning of the fire detection, occupant & emergency warning system involves initialising and testing of every device, sounder and programming the control unit with all the required "cause and effect" parameters. It is also vital that fire detection, occupant & emergency warning system is correctly and thoroughly maintained. Thorough testing must be carried out periodically by skilled fire alarm technicians to comply with relevant Australian Standards.

Fire Extinguishers


It is also important that all equipment installed in premises is the right type and size fit for the successful fighting of a fire. In addition to the type selection, the location, documentation and numbered to ensure that extinguishers remain in the correct location is of the utmost importance.

A six monthly interval inspection must be carried out to ensure that appliances are correctly positioned in all locations with tamper seals intact and pressure gauges (where fitted) registering ‘in the green”. Canberra Fire Protection does employ skilled fire extinguisher technicians who thoroughly test equipment on a periodical basis.